Special needs trusts are designed to help families address the financial and medical needs of disabled loved ones.  Through establishing special needs trusts, individuals with physical or mental disabilities or a chronic illness can obtain certain medical benefits covering their long-term care.

At the Law Offices of John Vandenhoff, we are committed to helping clients set aside assets in special needs trusts without sacrificing their eligibility to obtain certain benefits.  Mr. Vandenhoff has expertise in helping clients establish first-party and third-party special needs trusts.  He will apply his experience and legal skills to develop special needs trusts based on the best interests for you or your loved one.

A special needs trust can be established to protect the assets set aside for individuals with a disability.  To qualify, individuals must be developmentally disabled or have a mental or physical impairment.  We have experience working with clients to establish two types of special needs trusts:

  • First party special needs trusts – We represent disabled individuals looking to set up an irrevocable trust with their own assets.  This type of special needs trust is often established with money from an inheritance, a gift, or a personal injury settlement.  We offer a strong background developing first party special needs trusts for disabled individuals under 65.
  • Third party special needs trust – we have experience establishing irrevocable and revocable trusts for individuals with special needs.  Typically, third party special needs trusts are funded by parents or relatives with loved ones who have special needs.  This type of trust has no age restrictions and is designed to enrich the beneficiary’s life, while preserving their access to benefits.